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bkpam2171343_63035f9025a641d4a423e9e2d7054fe5jpgMelissa (Liss): Meena Rayann from
Game of Thrones

bkpam2171343_232b783bcfd042d4bced97886603bfcejpgKarina: Quelin Sepulveda from

The National Youth Theatre

bkpam2171343_20c6ca726c1248719bb558de51b54b66jpgJustin: Joseph Begley from
Game of Thrones

bkpam2171343_bf5449ce872743b0add6f6a3dbe2d06ajpgDanni: Jeryl Burgess

Creative Team:
Director: Sophia Start
Stage Manager: Alex Pearson
Assistant Director: Rachael Bellis

Writers: Rachel Bellis & Tom Hartwell
Lighting/Sound/AV Designer: Chuma Emembolu

Tickets £10
Concessions £8

Venue: The Cockpit, Gateforth Street, Marylebone, London, NW8 8EH

★★★★ "highly enjoyable and moving production"

Views from the Gods

★★★ "a solid dissection of a well-trodden issue"
Christina Calgaro of

Conversations From The Web

Mia: Rachel Summers
Tom: Almiro Andrade
Kitty: Rachael Bellis
Jason: Pete Stevens
Carly: Faye Maughan

Directed by: Sophia Start
Written by: Rachel Bellis
Sound/Video/Backstage: Nathan Allcock
Director/Stage Manager: Sophia Start
Lighting/Sound: Seth Jones (From The Moors Bar Theatre)

Have you ever noticed that everyone is constantly on their phones? Is everyone really as happy as they pretend to be online? Aequitas Theatre Company presents a production all about our social lives on the internet. Conversations from the Web explores what the mask of Social Networking truly means and what the consequences are in real life. But what is real life and what is online? Mia, Jason, Tom, and Kitty are four friends who think they know each other—but what they find out will change their relationships forever.

Date: August 3-12, 2015; 6:30PM
Venue: The Moors Theatre, 57 Park Road, London, N8 8SY
As a part of the Camden Fringe Festival
Tickets £10. Concessions £8.

*Nominated for an award from the Moors Bar Theatre (for Best Supporting Actor)
**Won an award from the Moors Bar Theatre (Faye for Best Supporting Acress, Nathan for Unsung Hero (for backstage work))


"entertaining and thought provoking"
JJ Morris of  Can of Book worm Blog

Shakespeare Double Bill: Measure for Measure and Merchant of Venice

Shakespearean Double Bill: (NOTE: Please lay out as you like)
Merchant of Venice:
Rosie Aylward: Isabella/Mistress Overdone
Rachael Bellis: Lucio/Froth
Kaiden DuBois: Pompey/Francisca/Mariana/Servant
Tara Godolphin: Angelo
Elly Lowney: Vincentio
Rebecca Lund: Provost/Gentleman 2/Servant
Rachel Summers: Escalus/Messenger
Elizabeth Mary Williams: Claudio/Boy/Elbow/Friar Peter

Measure for Measure:
Rosie Aylward: Antonio/Launcelot Gobbo/Tubal
Rachael Bellis: Gratiano/Old Gobbo/Balthasar
Kaiden DuBois: Jessica/Salanio
Tara Godolphin: Portia
Elly Lowney: Lorenzo/Jailer/Servant
Rebecca Lund: Bassanio/Morocco/Arragon/Servant
Rachel Summers: Nerissa/Salarino/Leonardo
Elizabeth Mary Williams: Shylock/Salerio

Directed By:
Sophia Start (Measure for Measure)
Sophia Start and Rachael Bellis (Merchant of Venice)

Lighting/Sound By:Chuma Emembolu
Set/Props: Zoe Evans, Rachel Bellis, Sophia Start
Stage Manager: Hannah Jayne-Elliott

Date and Time: Measure for Measure: Tuesday March 24, Thursday March 26, and Saturday March 28; 7:30PM 2015
Merchant of Venice: Wednesday March 25, Friday March 27, and Sunday March 29; 7:30PM 2015
Venue: The Bread and Roses Theatre, 68 Clapham Manor Street, Clapham, SW4 6DZ



"Aequitas’s Shakespearean Double Bill is a real achievement"

Nicolas Mackenzie of Can of book worm

"an enjoyable evening"
Sofia Moure of Theatrefullstop

Black Sunday

Miranda Magee
Katy Tucker
Emilia Saabo
Jake Graf
Sumit Chakravarti

Directed By: Rachel Bellis
Assistant Director: Sophia Start

Debt is everywhere – it is 21st century life. Black Sunday is here! It is now! When the global economy collapses in an alternate London, blame, deceit, denial, and mayhem ensue. Society gets sick, but do the people? What happens now? Whose fault is the debt crisis?

Black Sunday is about people. It is London from every stratosphere, including a politician, a student, an heiress to a football club fortune, an artist living on benefits, and a banker. Center stage is a homeless person, played by the voices of real people who are living on London’s streets. As the binds of debt wind around the characters, denial, finger pointing, and panic set in. The debt starts to domino and everybody’s lives are changed forever.

Black Sunday, by Aequitas Theatre Company, at the Pirate Castle in Camden, north London, from 1 to 7 Aug 2012, as part of the Camden Fringe Festival.

Blog Reviews:

'The Aequitas' production of Black Sunday at The Pirates Club, Oval Road, in Camden's Fringe Festival was neatly conceived and I enjoyed it very much. London Walks guide Katy was in the play and was terrific. And this Aequitas Theatre Company deserves all sorts of attention. They are the real deal.'

-Judith of Camden Guide(click here for full review)